Duro HSS Annular Cutters DP-ANC 31-60mm x 25mm

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Duro HSS Annular Cutters DP-ANC 31-60mm x 25mm

Duro HSS Annular Cutters DP-ANC 31-60mm x 25mm are used to drill a wide range of general applications in materials. These would include mild steel, structural steel, construction steel, aluminium, copper/brass, and plastics.


Optimal cutting teeth geometry
M2 High speed steel manufacture
M2 steel gives high wear resistance

AGP Magnetic Drills

MD750/4 Magnetic and Tapping Core Drill 4 Speed
PMD3530 Magnetic Drill Low Profile 
SMD351L Magnetic Drill 
SMD502 Magnetic Drill  

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Always refer to the magnetic drill manufacturer's recommended speeds and feeds

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