Duro DPU/C C16 Plus Concrete Diamond Blade to fit AGP C16

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Duro DPU/C C16 Plus Concrete Diamond Blade to fit AGP C16

The Duro DPU/C C16 Plus Concrete Diamond Blade to fit AGP C16 is specifically designed for use with the AGP C16 Diamond Concrete Saw. Offering exceptional cutting performance and durability. Here are the key features and applications:

Blade Details:

  • Segment Design: Equipped with 13mm conical laser welded segments for robustness and efficiency.
  • Gullet Design: Features 30-degree gullets to efficiently clear debris. Enhancing the blade's lifespan and cutting performance.
  • Core: The blade utilizes a ventilated high-tech core. Ensuring cooler running temperatures for prolonged use.


  • Suitable for cutting Indian stone, granite, house bricks, and Class A engineering bricks.
  • Capable of cutting through all types of reinforced concrete. With occasional use in asphalt and abrasive materials.
  • Ideal for cutting concrete kerbs, beams, lintels, and flags. As well as clay products and small metal sections.

Also Suitable For These Machines:

  • Angle Grinders
  • Petrol Saws
  • Floor Saws

Overall, the Duro DPU/C Plus Concrete Diamond Blade is a versatile and reliable tool suitable for various cutting tasks. Across different materials and compatible machines. Offering efficiency, durability, and performance excellence.

Who Are Duro Diamonds

DURO is a leading supplier of synthetic diamond, carbide, abrasive, and hardened steel power tool accessories. For cutting, drilling, grinding, and breaking a huge range of construction related materials.

Based in Sheffield, England, with a subsidiary company in Aarschot in Belgium, they are ideally positioned to supply the European Market. With 30,000 sq. ft of warehousing and a modern distribution hub. Making them able to offer a next day service as standard.