Trotec Evaporative Bio Cooler PAE81 240v c/w Remote Control SPECIAL OFFER FOR BULK PURCHASES

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Trotec Evaporative Bio Cooler PAE81 240v

The Trotec Evaporative Bio Cooler PAE81 240v is a versatile 4-in-1 unit. Designed to provide multiple functions beyond cooling the air. Here's a breakdown of its features:

  1. Cooling: The PAE81 utilizes evaporative cooling technology to lower the temperature of the air. It comes with 4 ice packs to enhance its cooling effect.
  2. Air Freshener: Alongside cooling, this unit also functions as an air freshener. Ensuring that the air circulating in the room remains pleasant and odour-free.
  3. Air Purifier: With air purification capabilities, the PAE81 helps to remove airborne particles, allergens, and pollutants. Contributing to cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.
  4. Air Dehumidification: Additionally, this unit can dehumidify the air. Helping to reduce moisture levels and maintain optimal humidity levels in the environment.

The PAE81 is powered by a 125w motor 240v. Featuring a 4-speed fan for customized airflow control. It boasts an easy-to-use digital touch screen control panel, as well as a remote control unit. Together with a 15-hour timer function for convenient automatic operation.

The PAE81 can cool areas of up to 72m² with an airflow of 1000m³ per hour. It features a large 60Ltr water tank with a level indicator. It can be connected to the main water supply for continuous operation.

The dimensions of the PAE81 are L405 x W395 x H1115mm when assembled and L405 x W395 x H705mm when dismantled. It weighs 18kg when dry and operates at a sound level of 59 dB(A).

Delivery of the PAE81 is free of charge, with potential additional charges for delivery to certain areas such as Highlands and Islands.

Evaporative coolers like the PAE81 offer several advantages, including reduced CO₂ impact compared to air conditioners, cleaner air with reduced risk of bacteria and viruses, low energy consumption, and virtually maintenance-free operation.

The unit operates by drawing air through a dampened pad made of natural cellulose. The water evaporates and cools the air. Then circulated into the room. Providing a natural and energy-efficient cooling solution.

Recommended for use in various environments. These include workshops, production areas/warehouses, restaurants/cafes, supermarkets/shops, fuel stations, gyms, nurseries, hair salons, and exhibition stands. Providing versatile cooling and air quality improvement wherever needed

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Additional information

Maximum Area


Air Flow

1000m3 Per Hour

Input Power


Control Panel

Digital Touch Screen Remote Control Unit


60Ltr Tank 2.8 Ltrs Per Hour Direct Connection Included


Assembled L 405 x W395 x H1115mm Dismantled L 405 x W395 x H705mm

Sound Level

59 dB(A)

Weight (Dry)


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