Duro Diamond Jigsaw Blade DU-DJSB Ultra

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Suitable For Use On

Travertine, Marble,  Slate
Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile
Granite, Glass, Cast Iron, Fibreglass
Cement Board, Carbon Fibre, Laminate Flooring

Duro Diamond Jigsaw Blade DU-DJSB Ultra

The Duro Diamond Jigsaw Blade is a high-quality cutting tool designed for precision and efficiency. Particularly in hard tile and stone materials. Below is an overview of its features and applications:

  1. Blade Design: The Duro jigsaw blades have a standard T-shank fitting. Equipped with a vacuum-brazed diamond grit edge. This design ensures a smooth, non-binding cutting action. That prevents snagging or breakout damage during operation. Additionally, it allows for smooth curve cutting.
  2. Dimensions: The Duro Diamond Jigsaw Blade has an overall length of 80mm and a working length of 50mm. Providing sufficient reach for various cutting tasks.
  3. Suitable Materials: The blade is suitable for use on a wide range of materials, including:
    • Travertine
    • Marble
    • Slate
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Porcelain Tile
    • Granite
    • Glass
    • Cast Iron
    • Fiberglass
    • Cement Board
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Laminate Flooring
  4. Features: Key features of the Diamond Jigsaw Blade include:
    • Tough and rugged diamond grit cutting edge. Giving durability and long-lasting performance.
    • Vacuum-brazed bonding for secure attachment and efficient cutting.
    • Smooth, non-binding cutting action with no snagging or breakout. Ensuring clean cuts and minimal material damage.
    • The ability to cut curves smoothly makes it versatile for various cutting applications.
    • 'T' shank design for precise fitting in jigsaw tools. Ensuring stability and accuracy during operation.
  5. Manufacturer Information: Duro Diamonds is a reputable supplier of synthetic diamond, carbide, abrasive, and hardened steel power tool accessories. Based in Sheffield, England, with a subsidiary in Belgium, Duro emphasizes using the highest quality raw materials and innovative design to set industry benchmarks.

Overall, the Duro Diamond Jigsaw Blade offers exceptional performance and versatility. Making it a valuable addition to any professional's toolkit for cutting hard tile and stone materials with precision and ease.

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Duro Diamond Jigsaw Blade DU-DJSB Ultra

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