LED lighting

by | Sep 15, 2020

The Elite range of LED lighting is a commercial range of indoor and outdoor site lighting and offers a number of advantages over conventional lighting systems including energy efficiency. LED lighting is 95% efficient with 5% for halogen bulbs and 85% for fluorescent tubes. LED bulbs have a longer life span, use less wattage and produce more Lumens

The range is vast and includes the Aurora 360 Degree Up Lighters, Helios Hanging Lights, Task Lamps, Contractors Plasterers lights

LED Rechargeable 10w and 20w floor lights for the site and confined area working. Magnetic base on the 10w model and USB ports on both models.

Contractor’s Plasterers Light both 2’ floor standing or retractable tripods, or 5’ tripod options. The 5’ has an option for battery back. Both versions have power take-off points to link quantities of units together.

The Aurora light is a 36w rechargeable uplighter. Great for lighting the work area, with virtually no heat output and up to 16 hours working from one charge.

The Beacon 360 must be one of the brightest cordless lights on the site. Producing 6,000 Lumens at 100% power and running for 4 hours, at 15% it will run for 25 hours. Available in various options mounted on a tripod, floor stand, magnetic base or just the lamp on its own. Cast aluminium housing and polycarbonate lenses give the lamp a rugged heavy-duty construction, as a result, no need for extension leads making it safer for everyone on site.

Festoon lights, caged or fully enclosed, are ideal for lighting the workplace, walkways, corridors and under scaffolding.