Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack

by | May 27, 2020

This Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack upright storage system is designed to keep up to 5 strimmers safe and secure. They are among the most commonly stolen power tools

The StrimmerSafe Rack keeps your strimmers secure and organised while maximising storage space. This Rack can be used to secure up to five strimmers. It can also store Hedgetrimmers, chainsaws and similar machines

The Armorgard Strimmersafe Rack is robustly constructed using 2mm and 3mm steel. Fitted with twin 5-lever deadlocks and a hinged heavy-duty welded lid. For added security, this rack can be bolted to the wall.

The base has a bunded drip tray to contain accidental spills of oil or fuel.