Armorgard Site and Hazardous Storage Boxes

by | Feb 2, 2024

Armorgard’s Site and Hazardous Secure Storage Boxes and Cabinets offer a versatile range of products suitable for various applications across different industries. Here are some suggestions for their use.

  1. Secure Boxes:

    • Oxbox: Medium-duty tool vault suitable for construction, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications.
    • Tuffbank: Heavy-duty construction with anti-jemmy technology, suitable for vans, trucks, and site applications.
    • Strongbank: Virtually indestructible, manufactured from robust steel plate, and equipped with anti-jemmy technology for maximum security.
  2. Modular Units:

    • Forma-Stor and Forma-Stor COSHH: Quick-assembly on-site storage units with deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins.
    • Tuffstor and Fittingstor: Storage cabinets for M&E components with steel plate construction, deadlocks, and heavy-duty keys.
  3. Hazardous Storage:

    • Flambank and Flamstor: Cabinets designed to COSHH regulations with fire-resistant features.
    • Transbank: Designed for jerry cans with 30-minute fire resistance and a fully welded sump base.
    • Chembank, Safestor, and Chemcube: Security units built to HSE requirements.
    • Gorilla Gas Cages: Modular units for the safe storage of LPG cylinders in various sizes.
  4. Battery Charging:

    • Powerstation: Secure charging lockers for power tools, batteries, and mobile devices on-site.
    • VoltHub: An indoor/outdoor solution for charging li-Ion batteries with built-in safety features, including fire suppression and gsm and alarm notifications.
  5. Material Handling:

    • Equipment for Pipes and Boards: Range of equipment for storing and moving pipes and boards around construction sites.
    • Turntable Trucks and Sack Trucks: Handling solutions for transporting materials with ease.

Armorgard’s products cater to a wide range of needs, emphasizing security, durability, and compliance with regulations. Whether it’s securing tools, and hazardous materials, or providing safe battery charging solutions, their product range is designed to meet the demands of various industries and applications.