Armorgard Forma-Stor Modular Storage Container

by | Jul 16, 2023

Armorgard Forma-Stor Modular Storage Container. Quickly assembled, approx. 10 minutes, modular storage units purpose-designed for securing tools and materials on site. Providing complete protection for anything you put inside. Each storage unit has a fully-fitted OSB floor, 5-lever deadlocks, jemmy-proof joins, and galvanised panels making this storage container the most comprehensive flat-pack solution available.
Pre-assembly if required is available. Please contact us for costings 01993 886950

If you need quick, convenient, and easy to use storage, the walk-in Armorgard Forma-Stor modular range is the choice for you. The galvanised panels slot together easily and without the need to mess around with tools. The site ends, dismantle it, and move it to the next job. If you don’t want to dismantle it, you can always move it using forklift pockets or crane lifting eyes.
Forklift pockets and crane lifting eyes are fitted as standard.

The Forma-Stor units have a framework of 1mm and 2mm steel and powder coated galvanised panels. These fasten neatly together to provide a robust, walk-in, weatherproof store.

The Armorgard Forma-Stor Range

FR100-T Dimensions
External: W2075 x D1120 x H2160mm
Internal: W1920 x D970 x H1950mm

FR200-T Dimensions
External: W2075 x D2075 x H2160mm
Internal: W1920 x D1920 x H1950mm

FR300-T Dimensions
External: W2075 x D2990 x H2160mm
Internal: W1920 x D2840 x H1950mm

FR400-T Dimensions
External: W2075 x D3995 x H2160mm
Internal: W1920 x D3840 x H1950mm



The BlokkaBar ensures that Forma-Stors are virtually impregnable by barring the door with over 10mm of


The Armorgard ramp has an Anti-slip studded surface for increased safety.
Adjustable to 2 heights, enabling it to fit any Forma-Stor unit.
Powder-coated finish for maximum durability.
Max loading of 1000kg UDL

LED Lights

LED Lights,110v or 240v, for the Forma-Stor range. The kit consists of 2 x robust LED lights each with 1800
lumens output and associated fittings and cables to install the kit.


The shelves fit in any Forma-Stor unit, allowing you to organise your materials and equipment quickly
and easily. The shelves slot onto any 2m end panels of a Forma-Stor, with no fixings or fastenings, required.

The Armorgard Forma-Stor COSHH range is suitable for hazardous materials storage