Armorgard Forma-Stor COSHH Modular Store

by | Jul 12, 2023

Armorgard Forma-Stor COSHH Modular Store

The Armorgard Forma-Stor COSHH Modular Store are easy-to-assemble units that have been purpose-designed for the safe storage of hazardous substances on construction sites and in industry. Delivered flat-packed, the Forma-Stor COSHH units can be constructed in around 10 minutes and moved easily using the built-in forklift pockets or the crane lifting eyes. When the site is finished, dismantle it, load it on a suitable vehicle, and take it to the next job. No costly hiring in of transport. If required the Forma-Stors can be delivered pre-erected, additional costs will apply.

There are 4 no Formastor Stores in the range starting at 1m x 2m through to 2m x 4m. Constructed using galvanised panels fasten neatly together to provide a robust, weatherproof store that can be configured in numerous ways and sizes. Several HSE features have been carefully designed to enable contractors to meet COSHH regulations on-site. 30-min fire resistance, air vents, and a fully welded sump to prevent leaks into the environment are included as standard.

With theft on the increase, unrivaled security features are essential, the Formastors have 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins. As an option, a BlokkaBar can be added across the door to deter even the most determined thief, see below for details.

Armorgard Forma-Stor COSHH Range

FR100-C Forma-Stor COSHH Modular Hazardous Store W2075 x D1120 x H2255mm
FR200-C Forma-Stor COSHH Modular Hazardous Store W2075 x D2075 x H2255mm
FR300-C Forma-Stor COSHH Modular Hazardous Store
FR400-C Forma-Stor COSHH Modular Hazardous Store

Data Sheets

FR100-C Data Sheet
FR200-C Data Sheet
FR300-C Data Sheet
FR400-C Data Sheet

A Range of Accessories Are Also Available

BlokkaBar FRBL2

The Armorgard BlokkaBar FRBL2 is designed to enhance security on the Armorgard Forma-Stor range.
The BlokkaBar ensures that Forma-Stors are virtually impregnable by barring the door with over 10mm of
Due to the design of the BlokkaBar we’re unable to replace your key if it is lost or damaged.

Shelf FRS2

This Armorgard Shelf FRS2 fits any Forma-Stor, allowing you to organise your materials and equipment quickly and easily. With a working load capacity of 200 kg (UDL).
The shelf slots onto any 2m end panels of a FormaStor, with no fixings or fastenings required.
All Forma-Stors can fit up to 5 shelves, except for the FR300-C and FR400-C which can both fit up to 10

Ramp FRR4

The Armorgard Ramp FRR4 is a strong pedestrian ramp to fit all the Forma-Stor range of flat-pack secure containers.
Anti-slip studded surface for increased safety, ideal when wheeling in trolleys, sack trucks, drum carriers,
The ramp is adjustable to 2 heights to enable it to fit either the Forma-Stor Tool or Forma-Stor COSHH.
Powder coated finish for maximum durability.
Max loading of 1000kg UDL.